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Jun 4, 2020

I knew what I needed – compact, lightweight, hands-free and professional-grade, built for someone out for long hikes, rides or runs. But, would it be possible to get a high-PSI pump and a high-capacity rechargeable battery into a small, light and durable unit?

After extensive research, I was convinced it could be done. I spent over 2 years of development and testing, refining the specs, adding features to make it more flexible, sourcing high-quality parts and making sure it worked.

Then, finally, it was ready! And it has transformed my summer activity! I get more days out, plus I’m more comfortable and having more fun. It’s become my favorite piece of outdoor gear – and I’m sure it’ll become yours, too.

My mission was to help active people keep cooler, and that mission doesn’t end with the launch of my ExtremeMist™ PCS (Personal Cooling System). We’re just getting started. I’ve already developed multiple nozzles for use in or out of a pack. Plus, I’m working on several other ideas, including solar charging for long adventures, and an integrated safety vest for construction workers, traffic police, and municipal road workers.