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Mar 8, 2019


Jason Allen founded Ignition USA in 2017 when he began work on a new tool design for the fire service. After decades of using the same tools and following the same procedures, Jason realized that there could be better  ways to handle a lot of the situations that first responders face. With that, the iconic KeyBlade design was born. Later, it was incorporated into what is now known as the Seattle Rapid Access Tool.

The idea for the KeyBlade came after years of carrying a customized tool made from modified framing square with a removable handle for passive entry on low acuity aid calls. After repeated requests from crewmembers to mass produce the tool, he began the blueprints for the first Seattle Rapid Access Tool design. Over time and with the input of his crew and fellow first responders from across the nation, the tool design was changed and modified to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

Jason grew up in the fire service, always knowing that was his passion, he followed it diligently and began volunteering with his local department at the age of 16. At only 18 years old he was hired full time with the fire department and has been in the field ever since. Jason has worked as a firefighter, apparatus operator, paramedic, officer, and engine boss on a wildland strike team. To help fund his education in his career field, Jason has also worked as a foreman for a commercial construction company, a commercial logger, concrete finisher, and security patrol officer, which has afforded him with the knowledge and expertise to create tool designs that allow passive entry into buildings. With the ability to look outside the box for better ways to make the job safer and more efficient, our company stands to push for innovative solutions to everyday problems. Since 2014 Jason has worked with the Seattle Fire Department and is now on one of the city’s busiest ladder companies.

It is the mission of Ignition USA to bring the traditions and heritage of the fire service into modern day and strive to promote the brotherhood, comradery, and fellowship that the department has ways been known for, while inventing new tools to make the job safer and efforts more precise and effective. We are excited about where this company is heading, and we have many new ideas and patents in the works that we are hoping will further revolutionize the industry. You can stay up-to-date on what we’re working on by following us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.