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Dec 5, 2022

It was an ordinary day, or so I thought, Valentine’s Day 2016 when my husband and I sat down to have our morning coffee. He offered because it was a special day, to go and get me a “specialty cup of coffee” but it was so cold in New York that I said that we could just have coffee at home. I looked down, as he was pouring me a cup of coffee and I had my “AH HA” moment. He had placed on the counter alongside mine and my daughters’ Valentine’s Day Cards individually wrapped candy hearts filled with delicious caramel and marshmallow.

When I saw that I immediately thought that it would be amazing if I could drop that into my coffee and instantly have a delicious gourmet flavored coffee without having to go anywhere or spend a fortune too! That is when JAVAMELTS was born. Javamelts is flavored sugar for coffee, tea, baking, artisan cocktails, and more! Our 4 delicious gourmet flavors are Hazelnut, Mocha, French Vanilla, and Caramel.