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Nov 6, 2018

The Bounce Curl Story
I am the Creator/Formulator of Bounce Curl Products and I am more than excited to share my curl secrets with you!  My main goal is to empower all individuals to achieve their own dreams.  

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a strong focus in Chemistry. My solid foundation and extensive experience in Chemistry were valuable tools as I began formulating the first innovative Bounce Curl products.  During those first four years of formulations with Bounce Curl, I also became a product formulator for over 5 different companies in the hair care, skincare, and body supplement industry.  But, it did not take long for me to realize that I needed to expand my Bounce Curl product line into shampoos and conditioners so that clients could be confident that their shampoo, conditioner, cleansing conditioner, and light creme gel would all work well together and give them amazing results! 

So, in the fall of 2017, I was thrilled to present an entire Bounce Curl product line for men, women and youngsters with Wavy, Curly, or Kinky curls! 

I have had curly hair all my life and struggled for so many years trying to figure out how to properly style my curls. The list of products I’ve tried are endless. I became frustrated with all the unsuccessful results from the harsh products I was using, so I decided to do something about it! After spending 3-4 hours a day in chemistry class labs mixing acids, balancing acid/base equations, analyzing bacteria in microbiology, and reading IR spectrums - I helped create Bounce Curl and I have also created beauty products for other companies in this incredible industry. 

My parents taught me from a young age to take great care of my hair. I have always had long, shiny and strong hair and I believe it is because I was raised to use only home-made, natural ingredients on my hair. My grandmother played an important role in developing my hair care routines and she has been my inspiration for Bounce Curl. She would mix up special formulas using only natural ingredients and she always used black seed oil.  Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) is one of the secret middle eastern oils and has been used by me and my family for many years.  My experience with natural ingredients date back to my childhood. I have fond memories of going to my backyard, scraping aloe vera out of the plant, boiling flax seeds and using them as hair gels. I love mixology and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects! 

The Bounce Curl Tradition of Excellence
At Bounce Curl, we are committed to creating products that do not use harsh chemicals. We carefully select natural ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful curls. There are certain ingredients that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires us to include in our products; preservatives are a good example of this because they work to keep the product stable and safe from growing any bacteria. FDA has strict rules and, as a responsible company, we follow the rules! 
At Bounce Curl, we believe that Beauty is Shared. We realize that every individual is different and educate our customers on hair, skin & body care. We are HUGE FANS of mixology. You will want to check out our blog section where we share advice, news and product reviews. We are also committed to Serving with a Genuine and Pure Heart, exemplified by our Custom Wig Donation Program. Every month we create and donate a full custom wig with real human hair to an individual who has lost their hair to chemotherapy or any other medical condition. As a company with the heart and intention to serve, we are pleased to be able to help those going through difficult times; everyone should feel beautiful!