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Dec 22, 2020

New York based Female entrepreneur Nisha Sawhney with HIGH LEVEL GLOBAL thinking has been supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and manufacturers with ideas that impacts change and revolutionize industry. She brings business ideas and new products into existence utilizing holistic innovative product design solutions. Nisha has a proven success rate with her global clients in the US, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong and China.

In addition to being founder and president of SnS Design, Nisha is an Industrial Design Expert, specializing in a wide range of products from baby crib to electric car charging station to medical device and IOT. Nisha worked as both product designer and project manager for global consumer product companies such as - Haier, LG, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, Amana, Amcor, Edi-Baur, Rosco, LiFeng, Temptu, Zipz wine (Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History) and many more.

She designed products in medical devices, IOT, home appliances, housewares, consumer electronics, furniture and lifestyle products. Her expertise includes services from A to Z - research, conceptual design, invention, product development, engineering, prototype, patent related support, branding, packaging, graphics, point of purchase, 3d Renderings, pre-sale presentation, mechanical design and engineering, manufacturing and retail placement.