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Mar 19, 2019


Jon LaClare has a passion for the work he does for his clients. Through Harvest Growth, the company Jon founded in 2006, he has been able to utilize the brand management skills he acquired at Kraft Foods and OxiClean for up and coming products. Harvest Growth has over a decade of experience launching new products and rollouts for companies like OxiClean, Kaboom, Orange Glo, Nabisco, Planters Nuts, Sonic Scrubber and Bona. These products are now household names, and Harvest Growth uses the same marketing principles to help startups as well as high-growth companies optimize their potential in direct-response television, online marketing, social media and retail.

Jon started his career as a CPA with Ernst & Young in Boston and then earned his MBA at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in order to transition into a product marketing career. He managed the $450 million Planters Cans & Jars business and the $40 million Kaboom brand, which gave him deep experience in growing existing brands. Additionally, Jon managed new product launches for OxiClean and Nabisco by employing direct-response television and online marketing tactics. Since founding Harvest Growth, he has had the pleasure of helping over 200 companies successfully launch their products on TV, online and into retail.

Today, Harvest Growth is a leading product marketing consulting firm helping products and brands to profitably grow with TV infomercials, paid social media marketing, HSN and in retail. Whether your company is a startup with a brand new product or an established brand looking for help managing your growth, Jon LaClare and Harvest Growth can help you succeed.