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The Launch Network is all things invention, patents, licensing, product launching and manufacturing.

Hosted by Carmine Denisco, an accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Founder of Inventors Launchpad changing the invention industry and wants to help inventors from all over the world move their ideas forward.

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Nov 29, 2018

I have over 15 years of product design, product development, and program management experience. I have developed over 100 different products in many different categories. These include; powertools, lawn and garden products, audio equipment, electronic devices, lifestyle products, grills, stadium seating, household and commercial furniture, smartphone products and apps, and golf cart products and accessories.

Beyond product development experience, I founded and head the ION program at TTI Power Equipment campus in Anderson, SC. The Innovation Outreach Network program was started to foster relationships with inventors looking to license products for the power tool, and lawn and garden industry.

The Inventors Launchpad Network – Is proud to present Tuttle Innovation, Co-Hosted by Warren Tuttle and Carmine Denisco. Warren has served as President of the Board of Directors for the UIA since 2010, and is a prolific speaker at inventor clubs and industry tradeshows, where he shares his his extensive knowledge and expertise to help educate aspiring inventors, patent holders and product developers.  Warren wants to educate inventors using stories from the industries most influential people.