My name is Robert Bear and I am the owner of and the Invention Stories Podcast.

In 2007, I invented eyewear with removable arms. I built my prototype and gave it to a local company to improve on, which they did. I performed a preliminary background check and discovered there were four other patented products, two of which were better than mine. Curiously, I couldn’t find them on the market. I began researching the invention process and learned the success rate for inventions was less than 5%. Why had so many had failed?

I searched the internet for help and found companies that would charge to help me without guaranteeing results. I believe this is wrong and that inventors deserve as much help as possible…for FREE! I also believe that inventors have a lot that they can learn from each other.

We created to share the journey an inventor goes on from time idea comes to them. We began by sharing the stories that inventors have written (with permission). When we could no longer find pre-written stories, we emailed inventors and asked them to write and send their stories to us. In 2014, we began interviewing inventors and writing their stories based on these interviews. All three of these methods provided free exposure to the inventor while also offering insights into the invention process to our readers.

We’ve posted over 300 stories since 2011. What we’ve learned from this process is that too much of the invention story is lost when we try to turn the invention story told to us into a written story.

So beginning September 1, 2017, we changed our format and the Invention Stories Podcast was born! Now our listeners can hear each inventor’s story firsthand . is where you can find show notes, sponsored links, and the occasional invention story written by inventors. We also update previously shared invention stories on Flashback Fridays.