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The Inventors Launchpad Network is all things invention, patents, licensing, product launching and manufacturing.

Hosted by Carmine Denisco, an accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Co-founder/Managing Partner of Inventors Launchpad. Along with his business partner Rick Valderrama has changed the face of the invention industry and want to help inventors from all over the world move their ideas forward.

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Mar 19, 2019


Jon LaClare has a passion for the work he does for his clients. Through Harvest Growth, the company Jon founded in 2006, he has been able to utilize the brand management skills he acquired at Kraft Foods and OxiClean for up and coming products. Harvest Growth has over a decade of experience launching new products and...

Mar 15, 2019

The Inventors Launchpad Network – Is proud to present Go Big, Go Bold, Co-Hosted by J.D. Houvener, Registered USPTO Patent Attorney of Bold IP and Carmine Denisco, Managing Partner with Inventors Launchpad. His background in business and experience as an engineer and patent attorney empowers him to clearly communicate...

Mar 14, 2019

Inventor Brian Fried is an author, radio host and consultant with many successful inventions reaching mass retail markets. He is the author of Inventing Secrets Revealed, You & Your Big Ideas and Invention Playbook for Inventors with Big Ideas. He has been featured in respected media outlets including the New York...

Mar 12, 2019

Howie Busch is a seasoned Inventor, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Attorney who has experienced success in a number of related businesses. 
Mr. Busch designs and develops innovative consumer products, which he typically licenses to leaders in the appropriate industry.
Inventions Include: 

- DudeRobe - Re-designed &...

Mar 8, 2019


Jason Allen founded Ignition USA in 2017 when he began work on a new tool design for the fire service. After decades of using the same tools and following the same procedures, Jason realized that there could be better  ways to handle a lot of the situations that first responders face. With that, the iconic...