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Oct 30, 2018

About Donteacia

Eight years ago I was laid off from my job.

The country was in the middle of a recession, and the government wasn't hiring. 

After 2 months of trying to get a job without any luck, I began to feel that I would never get one. So I did what most do in that situation, I started a business.
And I have to admit, I had the right contacts in place that for the first 5 or 6 months things went really well.

...and then the money dried up. 
I didn't have a plan in place to get new business. Hell, I didn't know how to get new business.
In all honesty I didn't quite understand what it was I did exactly...and neither did anyone else.

I created and organized events and raised money via sponsorship to pay for them.

I would analyze the health of non-profits and small businesses and create strategic plans for them.

I would do freelance work raising money for organizations.

I built websites.
I was hired to do some political consulting on a few campaigns.
I updated resumes and built out LinkedIn pages.

As you can see, I was all over the place. My single goal was to keep the lights on, and at times, even that was a struggle.

...but I survived, and sometimes even thrived.

Fast forward to 2013 and I have this brilliant idea and decide I would create this awesome new product and launch it to the world.
After quite a few stumbles and some major successes, I was able to exit that company in the black.
I have gone on to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs, raise over $1M for their products and services, launch Founders Brunch, a bi-annual brunch where founders come from all over the country to fellowship around entrepreneurship, and become a start up mentor for the State of Florida.

 I've also launched a new program to help inventors build and launch their products. 

...and sometimes I write the occasional engaging article for The Huffington Post.
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