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Apr 12, 2024

Looba’s groundbreaking app Analgesia empowers you to spend more time engaging with your patients and less time documenting.
Create detailed, complete notation without typing a single letter!

My research combines behavioral and analytical sciences to help resolve complex issues. I particularly focus on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and analytics to improve outcomes, enhance productivity and lower costs in various fields. Current areas of interests are 1) cybersecurity and data falsification in 2) healthcare information system design, and 3) artificial intelligence and algorithmic fairness.

Through collaboration with the Office of Veterans Affairs, I have been involved in several HSR&D and NIH studies totaling about $5 million in overall funding. Recent funded work looks at: 1) detecting empathy in provider secure messages, 2) improving the traditional Natural Language Processing system to identify pain care quality indicators in clinical notes, and 3) automating the documentation of clinical notes. I have accumulated a strong record of achievements in terms of research publications and partnerships that impact the fields of healthcare and information systems.

I have publications at leading journals in the field including MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research (ISR), and the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). I am passionate about analytics and programming and enjoy passing along the power of AI and analytics to future generations of data scientists.

Moving forward, I would like to continue impactful research applying the latest AI algorithms to help stakeholders in the healthcare field. Whether it is reducing costs for patients, reducing provider burnout, or enhancing healthcare outcomes, there is a tremendous potential for AI in the healthcare field. And I feel that is our duty to bring turn this potential into tangible solutions.