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May 31, 2018

Do you or anyone you love suffer from hip pain, lower back pain, or sore or cramping legs, particularly when you drive long distances or sit for long periods of time? Do you get to a rest area and climb out of your car wincing and hobbling along? That used to be me. When I would drive up and down I-75 between Florida and Michigan several times a year, I wouldn’t only be sore on the drive, but for days after I got there. I’ve been a massage therapist for over 20 years, so I spent some time figuring out why I was so sore and what I could do about it. I noticed that if I put my hand between the leg and the door, that gave me some relief. Only I couldn’t very well hold my hand there for 10 hours at a time. I thought, how wonderful would it be to have something to hold my leg? And that’s when the idea for the Driving Wedges was born. A quick anatomy commentary: most people sit in a car with their legs splayed out, one leg resting against the door, the other resting against the console. This external rotation of the legs at the hip joints for prolonged periods of time destabilizes the pelvis, causing imbalance and pain in the hips, lower back, and legs. It can even travel up to the shoulders and neck, which I believe is why many people experience a stabbing pain behind their shoulders when they drive. Well, Driving Wedges are the solution to that! They keep the hips and legs aligned. Not only that, but the light, sustained pressure on the outside of the thighs can give a little myofascial release along the ileo-tibial band, which can help with knee and hip problems. (I’m happy to explain that more in depth if you’re interested). After using the Driving Wedges for about two years, I am walking better than I have in about a decade. I feel better after a long drive than I did when I left. I use them all of the time, even if I’m just running down the street to the grocery - because it is just so much more comfortable. I started selling them in November 2016 on Amazon. I sold a few dozen, but the costs on Amazon were high and I was running out of money, so I closed that account and just sold from my website. Then I completely ran out of money and started working two full-time jobs and I haven’t focused on the Driving Wedges in almost a year. I’m about ready to start focusing on them a bit again. I’d really like to find someone/group to partner with. From the people who’ve used them, I’ve learned they have even more market potential than I originally thought. They can be used anywhere - as long as they fit on the seat. One client uses them in her recliner - and they have helped her hip problems/pain tremendously. I had several great reviews on Amazon (I saved them). Another client found great relief from the weight of her prosthetic leg and bought a set on the spot as soon as she tried them. They can also help athletes and people with ITB syndrome or related issues. There is literally nothing on the market like Driving Wedges. I have no competition. There’s nothing that does what they do. I have the design patent and the utility patent is pending, currently in litigation. Market potential: truck drivers (3.5 million), commuters (139 million), drivers (193,552,000) - and that’s just in the US. - also, office workers, athletes, people with hip pain, people with prosthetic legs - anyone who sits for long periods of time.