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May 18, 2023

Chris Annoual is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in various industries, including Brand Strategy, Marketing, Advertising, Product Innovation, and Product Development. He is the founder of TopGripGear, a U.S. company known for its innovative and eco-friendly consumer products. The company's most successful product, Pump Pal, has sold over 100,000 units and generated $1M in its first 8 months. Pump Pal has been featured in Allure Magazine and has aired on HSN.

Chris is also the founder of two clothing lines and an aircraft engine sales business. In addition, he has invented multiple consumer products. He is passionate about helping brands grow and thrive, using his expertise in consumer behavior, brand development, creative design, and advertising.

Currently, Chris is working on a new project, called Bloomy, a software that helps entrepreneurs build and sell products. He is dedicated to helping others succeed and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to innovate and make a positive impact.