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Dec 19, 2017

The Hang-O-Matic was developed by the husband and wife team of Jared and Karina Rabin. Rewind to 2008 when Jared and Karina were first time homeowners and facing a task that every homeowner, decorator, handyman and even college students have faced at one time or another. As Karina was decorating her new home office, the seemingly simple task of hanging a shelf straight on a wall proved to be anything but. After making several trips to the hardware store and patching and repainting the wall, the shelf was finally up and proudly displaying an irreplaceable snow globe she received from her in-laws, which was customized to play their wedding song from the 70’s. Needless to say, it had immense sentimental value. Before she could finish decorating, the snow globe fell, shattered to pieces, and water spilled everywhere. The shelf was tilted by only a fraction of an inch.
It was then, that Jared remembered a picture hanging tool he had invented in college. He dusted off the first prototype of the Hang-O-Matic and hung the shelf perfectly level in one try. This tool was just too good to keep to themselves, they had to share it with the world. With Jared’s clever design and Karina’s vision for success, the Hang-O-Matic was born and together this couple set out to pursue their American Dream and make your life a little easier along the way. Fast forward to present day where Jared and Karina are now proud business owners. Their desire to solve a simple problem with an innovative, yet easy-to-use solution led to Hang-O-Matic being a household and DIY essential.
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